5 Tips for Becoming a Social Media Influencer

November 4, 2017


ecoming a social media influencer is a job that many people dream of having, pays well and gives them a chance to help people, maybe even change the world.

But the journey into becoming one may sound simple, however, it doesn’t mean it’ll be fast or easy. It doesn’t happen overnight.

In order to become a social media influencer, we have crafted 5 simple steps based on our observation that might help.

1.Find your niche

If you want to be an influencer, you need to provide followers with something they actually care about — something that can improve their life in some way — and all done in a creative and accessible way.

Why? Because there are millions of people making average posts about stuff they don’t really know much about in a very standard way.

Find something you are really interested in and you’re able to tell something new, fresh and extraordinary. Be an expert here.

Start small and learn as much as you can about your desired niche through research and experimentation. That way, you’ll be able to discover the ins and outs of your specialty and form your own ideas, as opposed to simply restating others’ opinions. This is a very important step on your way to influencer status.

2.Pick a Social Media Channels

Are you good with videos or are you more written content-oriented? Think about the type of content you want and are able to create and publish.

More Facebook (various of types of media)? Instagram (mainly pictures)? or YouTube (the most challenging but most promising if you feel you’re good at it)?

Whatever your choices are, make sure you can cover them all.

3.Posting Plan

However, it’s not enough to have great content and carve out a niche for yourself. In fact, there is a lot of amazing content out there that does not get the visibility it deserves.

Whether you have found your niche or are still in the process of discovering it, the one thing you need to constantly do to improve the quality of your content is to “Keep posting”

Posting regularly and engaging often with people on social networks will lead you to getting the best out of your chosen social platforms.

You have to get in the water to learn how to swim. The best advice for your posting plan is this: “Keep posting, keep learning, and keep improving.”

4.Stay consistent

Your content must attract people; make it considered and consistent. You know what message you want to pass along, so stick to it all the time, but also look for something new at the same time!

5.Read Relevant Blogs Daily

read other information outlets to gain valuable and new insights into your niche. Study news, expert opinions and case studies that are published or shared by people you trust.

If you hope to be viewed as an influencer, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re always aware of the latest news. Better yet, know what changes are coming even before they’ve been implemented and clue your readers in.

Some Extra Tips

Becoming a social media influencer can be frustrating if you develop bad habits in the process. Here are some tips to keep you motivated along the way:

  • Don’t get tricked by the sense of urgency that notifications elicit on social networks. Turn them off. You don’t need to respond to people right away.
  • Don’t check every few minutes how your content is performing. Keep 15–30 min per day where you can check results, analyze some data and respond to comments.
  • Don’t get frustrated with results, they are there to tell you how to improve.
  • Don’t give up. If you are not feeling motivated push yourself and “Keep posting”. The activity of working on content and posting will bring back the motivation.
  • Commentary on social media can be unfair, harsh, negative, sexist, racist and insulting. If you find fair comments that you could use to help you improve or start a positive conversation, then great. Otherwise focus on your plan and don’t let unfair comments hold you up .

If you follow the journey to social media influence, you will at the least have a much needed skill set to help you market yourself or whatever it is you plan for your career.